Machine-generated content has arrived, here are eight principles to get started

Eight principles to get started with machine-generated content

Why machines do it better and how to get started

Image by a human — Mykim Dang

Principles I learned from over $1 billion of Instagram and Facebook campaign investment

Keeping the network working. Facebookers in the Odense Data Center in Denmark.

19 strategies CMOs can use to take charge, adapt faster, and optimize the metrics that matter

Red Bull are the champions of ‘storydoing,’ one of 19 top CMO strategies.

Despite all the costs, danger and hard work, there are 7 ways that skiing made us a stronger family

My son Eddie, learning the rules of the mountain

James Chadwick

Co-founder @ Pencil, Sequoia-backed Creative AI // 7 years @facebook // Advisor @otter_ai // Author of “Path” @

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